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    Download Free Phn Mm Convert Word Sang Pdf For Mac

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    In an information leaflet published in 2004, a comprehensive overview has been given on the history of the Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry (JRNC) from its launching in 1968 until the publication year, 2004, as reflected in publication and citation statistics. In the present study, the subsequent five years are analysed in a similar spirit. Data sources and data processing Source and citation data have been retrieved from the Web of Science (WoS) database of Thomson–Reuters (Philadelphia, PA, USA). JRNC data have been checked and, if necessary, supplemented and corrected using the Editorial Office files.

    The WoS “Analyze Results” option was utilized to gain primary statistical surveys; for more detailed or thorough analysis, the necessary bibliographic data have been downloaded, and analyzed by suitable software tools. Hirsch-type statistics—the h-core In his groundbreaking paper , Hirsch defined what he called the “h-index” (a scientist has index h if h of his/her N papers have at least h citations each, and the other (N–h) papers have fewer than h citations each) to quantify an individual’s scientific output.

    The apparently innocent paper generated a flood of literature (it was cited more that 500 times until the publication of the present study) ranging from the rudely rejective to the glorifying. Apart from original purpose (evaluation of individuals), it proved to be useful in various other scientometric exercises (see, e.g., , ), and even far beyond the realms of scientometrics ,. Among others, the h-index defines a “natural” top class of ranked objects or, at least, a somewhat more self-adjusting one than the usual “top 20s” or “top 1%-s”. The so-called “h-core” includes all items scoring at and above the h-index value. It contains exactly h elements if there is no tie at the h-index value, may contain more if all tied items are included. In the top lists presented in this paper, the h-core concept is used to cut the lists at their “natural” limits. In the 5-year period, 2005–2009, JRNC published 2,310 papers.

    Until the date of the present study (April, 2010), 1,145 of them have been cited at least once. They received 2,923 citations (1.27 citations per item; 2.55 citations per cited item) from 2,095 citing papers.

    601 citing papers were published in JRNC itself, 1,494 in 494 other source titles. These two datasets, the 2,310 papers published in JRNC (source dataset) and the 1,494 papers citing them in other journals (target dataset), form the object of the present analysis.

    Analysis of countries. Table shows the h-cores of the institutions the source and target datasets came from. In the identification of the institutions we completely relied upon the “Analyze Records by Institution Name” option of WoS. We are well aware of the fact that the cleaning of institution names is far from perfect in WoS, particularly, as less developed and non-English speaking countries are concerned. Since, however, we did not want to use this feature for any evaluative purposes, just to have a rough overview on the main sources and targets of JRNC papers, the information provided by WoS seemed to be appropriate.

    The h-core of the 494 journals citing 2005–2009 JRNC papers is given in Table. The list contains no odd item, neither any expected title is missing. In a recent paper , a similarity measure named h-similarity for journals has been advised on the basis of common references and using Hirsch-type statistics. Reassuringly, the top three elements of the list in Table are exactly the three journals with highest h-similarity to JRNC, and one more title in the list belongs to the most similar journals (they are highlighted in italics). The bibliography presented here contains all papers citing at least one JRNC paper published in the period 2005–2009. Papers published in JRNC itself have been exluded from the analysis.

    The citation period ends at the date of the compilation, April 2010. The items in the bibliography is sorted in the alphabetical order of the publishing journals; within a journal, items are ordered by publication date. An identification number (#) is assigned to each bibliographic item, which is used as reference in the indexes. The bibliographic description of each item is followed by a mark and the short bibliographic identifier (first author, volume, year, page number) of the cited JRNC paper(s). The bibliography is supplemented with an Author Index and a Keyword Index. For the latter, author keywords indicated in the original paper have been used in reasonably standardized form. For about 25% of the papers in the bibliography no author keywords were provided.

    For these items relevant title words have been used as keywords. A1 Bibliography. #1 ACCOUNTS CHEM. 41(2008)1842–1851 Lal, S; Clare, SE; Halas, NJ: Nanoshell-Enabled Photothermal Cancer Therapy: Impending Clinical Impact JAMES WD 271(2007)455 #2 ACCREDIT.

    13(2008)531–535 Korun, M; Vidmar, T; Vodenik, B: Improving the reliability of peak-evaluation results in gamma-ray spectrometry GLAVICCINDRO D 271(2007)467 #3 ACS NANO 2(2008)2075–2084 Altinoglu, EI; Russin, TJ; Kaiser, JM; Barth, BM; Eklund, PC; Kester, M; Adair, JH: Near-Infrared Emitting Fluorophore-Doped Calcium Phosphate Nanoparticles for In Vivo Imaging of Human Breast Cancer JAMES WD 271(2007)455 #4 ACTA BIOMATER. 5(2009)1389–1398 Leibner, ES; Barnthip, N; Chen, WN; Baumrucker, CR; Badding, JV; Pishko, M; Vogler, EA: Superhydrophobic effect on the adsorption of human serum albumin EFIMOVA YM 264(2005)91 #5 ACTA CHIM.

    54(2007)273–283 Osterc, A; Jacimovic, R; Stibilj, V: Development of a method for I-129 determination using radiochemical neutron activation analysis KUCERA J 269(2006)251 #6 ACTA CHIM. 54(2007)375–377 Makrlik, E; Vanura, P: Extraction of zinc from water into nitrobenzene using strontium dicarbollylcobaltate in the presence of valinomycin MAKRLIK E 268(2006)155 #7 ACTA CHIM. 55(2008)111–119 Pomme, S; Sibbens, G: Alpha-particle counting and spectrometry in a primary standardisation laboratory POMME S 277(2008)207 #8 ACTA CHIM. 55(2008)209–218 Sheikhan, N; Mirjalili, BF; Hajipour, A; Bamoniri, A: Ruthenium(III) chloride as an efficient catalyst for conversion of aldehydes to 1,1-diacetates under mild conditions DING HJ 268(2006)433 #9 ACTA CHIM. 55(2008)430–433 Makrlik, E; Vanura, P; Selucky, P: Solvent extraction of Ba2+, Pb2+ and Cd2+ into nitrobenzene by using strontium dicarbollylcobaltate in the presence of tetraethyl p-tert-butylcalix4arene tetraacetate MAKRLIK E 268(2006)155 #10 ACTA CHIM. 55(2008)653–659 Repinc, U; Benedik, L: Development of the Procedure for Simultaneous Determination of Vanadium, Uranium and Manganese in Biological Materials Using RNAA REPINC U 264(2005)39 #11 ACTA CHIM. 56(2009)278–281 Makrlik, E; Budka, J; Vanura, P: Stability Constants of Some Univalent Cation Complexes of Tetra-tert-butyl p-tert-Butylcalix4arene Tetraacetate in Nitrobenzene Saturated with Water MAKRLIK E 268(2006)155; MAKRLIK E 275(2008)217 #12 ACTA CRYSTALLOGR.

    E.-STRUCT REP. ONLINE 63(2007)O4072–U3264 Liu, YH; Zhao, Y; Liu, XL; Tong, BW; Ye, J: (1S)-Benzyl 3-methyl-5-oxo-4-phenyl-hydrazono4,5-dihydro-1H-pyrazole-1-dithiocarboxylate BOSE R 265(2005)115 #13 ACTA CRYSTALLOGR. E.-STRUCT REP. ONLINE 64(2008)M788–U524 Kawasaki, T; Kitazawa, T: Dioxidobis(pentane-2,4-dionato-kappa O-2,O′)(pyridine-4-carbaldehyde oxime-kappa N-1)uranium(VI) SAEKI M 270(2006)379 #14 ACTA CRYSTALLOGR. E.-STRUCT REP. ONLINE 64(2008)O1472–U2117 Li, SX; Li, HM; Lu, ZL; Fun, HK; Chantrapromma, S: O-(tert-butyldimethylsilyl)tris(O-4-methylphenylsulfonyl)pentaerythritol ABDELJALIL RJ 267(2006)557 #15 ACTA CRYSTALLOGR.

    E.-STRUCT REP. ONLINE 64(2008)O152–U3874 Liu, XL; Zhao, Y; Li, ZG; Liu, YH: Methyl 3-methyl-5-oxo-4-(phenylhydrazono)-4,5-dihydro-1H-pyrazole-1-carbodithioate BOSE R 265(2005)115 #16 ACTA CRYSTALLOGR. E.-STRUCT REP. ONLINE 64(2008)O1690–U1344 Li, SX; Zhu, L; Li, HM; Fun, HK; Chantrapromma, S: 1,2-bis2-(2-nitro-1H-imidazol-1-yl)ethoxyethane ABDELJALIL RJ 267(2006)557 #17 ACTA CRYSTALLOGR.

    E.-STRUCT REP. ONLINE 65(2009)O3167–U1248 Yang, Y; Zhu, L; Zhang, HB: Di-tert-butyl 2,2′-(2-hydroxyethyl)azanediyldiacetate YANG Y 273(2007)31 #18 ACTA CRYSTALLOGR. E.-STRUCT REP. Free pdf for macbook pro. ONLINE 66(2010)O709–U5797 Ding, YJ; Zhao, CX: 1-(4-Chlorophenyl)-3-phenyl-1H-pyrazol-5(4H)-one BOSE R 265(2005)115 #19 ACTA OCEANOL. 26(2007)73–83 Zeng, XZ; Qiu, MH; Yin, MD; Zeng, WY; He, JH; Wan, XG; Chen, HL; Li, J; Tan, BZ: An in-situ analysis and measurement of thorium-234, uranium isotopes in seawater PIKE SM 263(2005)355 #20 ACTA PHARM.

    Download Free Phn Mm Convert Word Sang Pdf For Mac

    59(2009)45–55 Jalilian, AR; Rostampour, N; Rowshanfarzad, P; Shafaii, K; Kamali-Dehghan, M; Akhlaghi, M: Preclinical studies of Cu-61ATSM as a PET radiopharmaceutical for fibrosarcoma imaging JALILIAN AR 268(2006)605; JALILIAN AR 269(2006)147 #21 ACTA PHARM. 59(2009)421–429 Jalilian, AR; Khoshdel, MR; Garousi, J; Yousefnia, H; Hosseini, MA; Rajabifar, S; Sardari, D: Development of a radiolabeled beta-human chorionic gonadotropin JALILIAN AR 274(2007)175 #22 ACTA PHYS. Free printable recipe card template for mac download.

    SLOVACA 58(2008)1– Povinec, PP; Betti, M; Jull, AJT; Vojtyla, P: New isotope technologies in environmental physics BRODZINSKI RL 264(2005)139; OSVATH I 263(2005)437; PERNA L 263(2005)367; POVINEC PP 263(2005)413; POVINEC PP 273(2007)383 #23 ADSORPT. 23(2005)721–737 Zhang, AY; Wei, YZ; Hoshi, H; Kumagai, M; Koma, Y: Leakage of octyl(phenyl)-N,N-di-isobutylcarbamoylmethylphosphine oxide from a macroporous silica-based chelating polymeric adsorption material and its recovery by some selected porous adsorbents ZHANG A 265(2005)409 #24 ADSORPT. 25(2007)257–272 Zhang, AY; Mei, CM; Wei, YZ; Kumagai, M: Preparation of a novel macroporous silica-based diglycolamide derivative-impregnated polymeric composite and its adsorption mechanism for rare earth metal ions ZHANG A 265(2005)409 #25 ADSORPT. 25(2007)285–293 Chen, L; Yu, XJ: Sorption of radiocaesium onto powdered and compacted rectorite studied by batch and capillary methods XU D 267(2006)357 #26 ADSORPT. 26(2008)705–720 Zhang, AY; Chen, CM; Chat, ZF; Kumagai, M: SPEC Process III.

    Cutedj for mac. Synthesis of a Macroporous Silica-based Crown Ether-impregnated Polymeric Composite Modified with 1-Octanol and its Adsorption Capacity for Sr(II) Ions and Some Typical Co-existent Metal Ions ZHANG A 265(2005)409 #27 ADSORPT. 27(2009)337–347 Yehia, A; Ezzat, K: Fluoride Ion Uptake by Synthetic Apatites BADILLOALMARAZ VE 271(2007)741 #28 ADSORPT.-J.

    13(2007)61–71 Borai, EH; El-Dessouky, SI; Hassan, HS: Mixed silica and alumina hosted carboxylate oxide for removal of chromium species from wastewater HASSAN SSM 269(2006)135 #29 ADV. COLLOID INTERFACE SCI.

    152(2009)2–13 Plazinski, W; Rudzinski, W; Plazinska, A: Theoretical models of sorption kinetics including a surface reaction mechanism: A review KAMEIISHIKAWA N 274(2007)555 #30 ADV. INORGANIC CHEM.

    61(2009)131–178 Pascu, SI; Waghorn, PA; Conry, T; Lin, B; James, C; Zayed, JM: DESIGN CONSIDERATIONS TOWARDS SIMULTANEOUSLY RADIOLABELED AND FLUORESCENT IMAGING PROBES INCORPORATING METALLIC SPECIES LI YG 265(2005)127 #31 ADV. 21(2009)2334– Troutman, TS; Leung, SJ; Romanowski, M: Light-Induced Content Release from Plasmon-Resonant Liposomes JAMES WD 271(2007)455 #32 ADV. ORGANOMETALLIC CHEM.

    57(2008)353–447 Nagy, L; Pellerito, L; Fiore, T; Nagy, E; Pellerito, C; Szorcsik, A; Scopelliti, M: Equilibrium, structural and biological activity studies on organotin(IV)(n+) complexes NAGY L 275(2008)193 #33 ADV. 349(2007)841–845 Liegault, B; Renaud, JL; Bruneau, C: Palladium-catalyzed synthesis of functional tetralins via benzylic activation LASETER AG 264(2005)723 #34 ADV. 350(2008)1544–1556 Polo, E; Forlini, F; Bertolasi, V; Boccia, AC; Sacchi, MC: Self-immobilizing precatalysts: Norbornene-bridged zirconium ansa-metallocenes BERGAMASCHI L 263(2005)745; GIAVERI G 263(2005)725 #35 AFR. 8(2009)1520–1527 Demirkeser, TH; Kaplankiran, M; Toplu, C; Agca, N; Yildiz, E; Serce, S: Comparison of several plant nutrient elements in conventionally and organically grown citrus orchards TURRA C 270(2006)203 #36 AGRIC. 136(2010)16–27 Pandey, VC; Singh, N: Impact of fly ash incorporation in soil systems PAPASTEFANOU C 275(2008)29 #37 AGROCHIMICA 53(2009)405–417 Fraenzle, S; Hoffmann, V; Panaiotu, C; Jordanova, D; Jordanova, N; Djingova, R; Wuenschmann, S; Markert, B: Formation and determination of magnetite particles in biological samples for biomonitoring inputs of Fe and other heavy metals FREITAS MC 270(2006)21 #38 AM. 99(2009)207–216 Fiori, CCL; Santos, M; Randi, AM: Aspects of Gametophyte Development of Dicksonia sellowiana Hook (Dicksoniaceae): an Endangered Tree Fern Indigenous to South and Central America DEFRANCA EJ 276(2008)221 #39 AM.

    85(2007)269S–276S Yetley, EA: Multivitamin and multimineral dietary supplements: definitions, characterization, bioavailability, and drug interactions VEATCH AE 264(2005)33 #40 AM. 52(2009)742–750 Pejovic-Milic, A; Aslam; Chettle, DR; Oudyk, J; Pysklywec, MW; Haines, T: Bone Manganese as a Biomarker of Manganese Exposure: A Feasibility Study BYUN SH 269(2006)615; PEJOVICMILIC A 269(2006)417 #41 AM. 140(2009)399–409 Dolphin, AE; Goodman, AH: Maternal Diets, Nutritional Status, and Zinc in Contemporary Mexican Infants’ Teeth: Implications for Reconstructing Paleodiets GHARIB AG 270(2006)209 #42 ANAL. 385(2006)1304–1323 Dumont, E; Vanhaecke, F; Cornelis, R: Selenium speciation from food source to metabolites: a critical review VEATCH AE 264(2005)33 #43 ANAL. 386(2006)1137–1151 Zeisler, R; Murphy, KE; Becker, DA; Davis, WC; Kelly, WR; Long, SE; Sieber, JR: Standard Reference Materials (R) (SRMs) for measurement of inorganic environmental contaminants LINDSTROM RM 263(2005)787; ZEISLER R 263(2005)315 #44 ANAL. 388(2007)385–389 Merchel, S; Berger, A: Determination of nitrogen in boron carbide by instrumental photon activation analysis GORNER W 263(2005)791 #45 ANAL.

    389(2007)37–46 Dwyer, JT; Holden, J; Andrews, K; Roseland, J; Zhao, C; Schweitzer, A; Perry, CR; Harnly, J; Wolf, WR; Picciano, MF; Fisher, KD; Saldanha, LG; Yetley, EA; Betz, JM; Coates, PM; Milner, JA; Whitted, J; Burt, V; Radimer, K; Wilger, J; Sharpless, KE; Hardy, CJ: Measuring vitamins and minerals in dietary supplements for nutrition studies in the USA VEATCH AE 264(2005)33 #46 ANAL. 390(2008)503–510 Gunther-Leopold, I; Kivel, N; Waldis, JK; Wernli, B: Characterization of nuclear fuels by ICP mass-spectrometric techniques WOLF SF 263(2005)575; WOLF SF 263(2005)581 #47 ANAL. 390(2008)1653–1658 Bode, P; Bueno, MIMS; Bortoleto, GG; Hoffmann, G; van den Ingh, TSGAM; Rothuizen, J: Neutron activation analysis and X-ray Rayleigh and Raman scattering of hair and nail clippings as noninvasive bioindicators for Cu liver status in Labrador Retrievers FAVARO PC 264(2005)61 #48 ANAL. 393(2009)809–833 Nerin, C; Salafranca, J; Aznar, M; Batlle, R: Critical review on recent developments in solventless techniques for extraction of analytes JINXIN G 275(2008)365 #49 ANAL. 394(2009)759–782 Ojeda, CB; Rojas, FS: Separation and preconcentration by a cloud point extraction procedure for determination of metals: an overview PEREZGRAMATGES A 269(2006)491 #50 ANAL.

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    79(2007)3126–3134 Hou, XL; Ostergaard, LF; Nielsen, SP: Determination of Cl-36 in nuclear waste from reactor decommissioning FRECHOU C 263(2005)333 #58 ANAL. 79(2007)4365–4384 Brettell, TA; Butler, JM; Almirall, JR: Forensic science BHADKAMBEKAR CA 266(2005)113; TAKATA MK 264(2005)5 #59 ANAL. 79(2007)8016–8023 Ikeda, A; Yaita, T; Okamoto, Y; Shiwaku, H; Suzuki, S; Suzuki, T; Fujii, Y: Extended X-ray absorption fine structure investigation of adsorption and separation phenomena of metal ions in organic resin IKEDA A 263(2005)605; SUZUKI T 272(2007)257 #60 ANAL. 80(2008)801–807 Pandey, U; Dhami, PS; Jagesia, P; Venkatesh, M; Pillai, MRA: Extraction paper chromatography technique for the radionuclidic purity evaluation of Y-90 for clinical use VANURA P 267(2006)501 #61 ANAL. 80(2008)4253–4267 Sherma, J: Planar chromatography ROOHI S 267(2006)561 #62 ANAL.

    80(2008)4421–4454 Tsuji, K; Nakano, K; Hayashi, H; Hayashi, K; Ro, CU: X-ray spectrometry KHUDER A 273(2007)435; YUE WS 274(2007)115 #63 ANAL. 80(2008)6066–6071 Revay, Z; Belgya, T; Szentmiklosi, L; Kis, Z; Wootsch, A; Teschner, D; Swoboda, M; Schlogl, R; Borsodi, J; Zepernick, R: In situ determination of hydrogen inside a catalytic reactor using prompt gamma activation analysis REVAY Z 265(2005)261; REVAY Z 276(2008)825 #64 ANAL.

    81(2009)1068–1078 O’Hara, MJ; Burge, SR; Grate, JW: Quantification of Technetium-99 in Complex Groundwater Matrixes Using a Radiometric Preconcentrating Minicolumn Sensor in an Equilibration-Based Sensing Approach EGOROV O 264(2005)495 #65 ANAL. 81(2009)1228–1237 O’Hara, MJ; Burge, SR; Grate, JW: Automated Radioanalytical System for the Determination of Sr-90 in Environmental Water Samples by Y-90 Cherenkov Radiation Counting BRODZINSKI RL 277(2008)235 #66 ANAL.

    81(2009)1297–1306 Schwantes, JM; Douglas, M; Bonde, SE; Briggs, JD; Farmer, OT; Greenwood, LR; Lepel, EA; Orton, CR; Wacker, JF; Luksic, AT: Nuclear Archeology in a Bottle: Evidence of Pre-Trinity US Weapons Activities from a Waste Burial Site FARMER OT 276(2008)489 #67 ANAL. 81(2009)4695–4711 Brettell, TA; Butler, JM; Almirall, JR: Forensic Science DUFF MC 275(2008)579; HATZISTAVROS VS 277(2008)399 #68 ANAL. 81(2009)6851–6859 Revay, Z: Determining Elemental Composition Using Prompt, gamma Activation Analysis KASZTOVSZKY Z 278(2008)293; MARSCHALL HR 265(2005)339; PERRY DL 276(2008)273; REVAY Z 265(2005)261; REVAY Z 276(2008)825; SZENTMIKLOSI L 271(2007)447 #69 ANAL.

    81(2009)8061–8067 Bhandari, D; Wells, SM; Retterer, ST; Sepaniak, MJ: Characterization and Detection of Uranyl Ion Sorption on Silver Surfaces Using Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy ORTIZOLIVEROS HB 279(2009)601 #70 ANAL. 81(2009)8185–8192 Qiao, JX; Hou, XL; Roos, P; Miro, M: Rapid Determination of Plutonium Isotopes in Environmental Samples Using Sequential Injection Extraction Chromatography and Detection by Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry HANG W 263(2005)467; JERNSTROM J 274(2007)95; LEE SH 263(2005)419; MAXWELL SL 275(2008)395; MAXWELL SL 275(2008)605; VARGA Z 274(2007)87 #71 ANAL.

    81(2009)8327–8334 Varga, Z; Wallenius, M; Mayer, K; Keegan, E; Millett, S: Application of Lead and Strontium Isotope Ratio Measurements for the Origin Assessment of Uranium Ore Concentrates BADAUT V 280(2009)57; SVEDKAUSKAITELEGORE J 278(2008)201 #72 ANAL. ACTA 570(2006)88–92 Tagami, K; Uchida, S; Hirai, I; Tsukada, H; Takeda, H: Determination of chlorine, bromine and iodine in plant samples by inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry after leaching with tetramethyl ammonium hydroxide under a mild temperature condition TSUKADA H 263(2005)773 #73 ANAL. ACTA 573(2006)445–452 Kamnev, AA; Tugarova, AV; Antonyuk, LP; Tarantilis, PA; Kulikov, LA; Perfiliev, YD; Polissiou, MG; Gardiner, PHE: Instrumental analysis of bacterial cells using vibrational and emission Mossbauer spectroscopic techniques PERFILIEV YD 266(2005)557 #74 ANAL.

    ACTA 579(2006)68–73 Jamali, MR; Assadi, Y; Shemirani, F; Hosseini, MRM; Kozani, RR; Masteri-Farahani, M; Salavati-Niasari, M: Synthesis of salicylaldehyde-modified mesoporous silica and its application as a new sorbent for separation, preconcentration and determination of uranium by inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry KRISHNA PG 266(2005)251 #75 ANAL. ACTA 581(2007)241–246 Tuzen, M; Uluozlu, OD; Usta, C; Soylak, M: Biosorption of copper(II), lead(II), iron(III) and cobalt(II) on Bacillus sphaericus-loaded Diaion SP-850 resin OZEROGLU C 268(2006)211 #76 ANAL. ACTA 587(2007)165–169 Varga, Z: Application of inductively coupled plasma sector field mass spectrometry for low-level environmental americium-241 analysis LEE SH 263(2005)419 #77 ANAL. ACTA 587(2007)263–271 Metilda, P; Gladis, JM; Venkateswaran, G; Rao, TP: Investigation of the role of chelating ligand in the synthesis of ion-imprinted polymeric resins on the selective enrichment of uranium(VI) PREETHA CR 267(2006)265 #78 ANAL. ACTA 590(2007)232–238 Tarancon, A; Garcia, JF; Rauret, G: First approach to radionuclide mixtures quantification by using plastic scintillators—Influence of the diameter of the plastic beads BROWN SA 264(2005)505 #79 ANAL.

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